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You Are Your Tribe! 🌟

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🌈 Calling all wonderful souls!

Welcome to my little corner of candid thoughts, sprinkled with a dash of humor and a pinch of controversy. This is a space where I share my fundamental beliefs, why they guide my life, and how you can join the journey! No frills, just real talk.

My Fundamental Belief: You Are Your Tribe! 💖

Tell Me More: We encounter human connections daily, and over time, this becomes a collection of social interactions. When we choose for some of those connections to happen more regularly and intentionally than others we experience, we call that our social circle or, as I like to refer to it, #mytribe.

#mytribe = The people in your world that know you on a more intimate level. Conversations are more than surface level. Meetings are more than coincidental.

#mytribe = The people you call to celebrate life’s wins. That phone call you make in your darkest hours. The visit you make when you literally don’t have the time.

Why? The saying “you are who you surround yourself with” is much more than some catchy phrase; it goes much deeper. In fact, it is a psychological phenomenon that shows our personalities, perspectives, and even actions are profoundly influenced by #mytribe. This group becomes a mirror that reflects us often deeper than a physical one.

A few funny things to consider:

  • Couples begin to look alike as they age. Do they really, or is it their mannerisms that shift into a new one for the world to view? FYI - I'd love to have Tom's blue eyes, but if I get his silver fox hair, I'm out!!!

  • Best friends dress alike. Did those grown men plan their outfits together, or do they simply know each other well enough and choose attire for their golf event that makes sense? Yes, my girlfriends and I often check-in on outfits prior to some fun!

  • Walking by a school with friends crossing the street. Why does everyone in one group have a backpack and another group use shoulder bags? FYI, I'm a 1995 high school graduate, so you literally just carried your books; we are so dumb!

From a Business Perspective: 📈

  • Entrepreneurs are friends with other entrepreneurs. (that's me)

  • Executives lunch with other executives. (of course)

  • Managers golf with other managers. (duh)

The BIG IDEA: The company you keep shapes you. 🌐

Carli Style

Goal: Make sure I have the right tribe and spend a lot of my time with them!

  • Validate: Ensure #mytribe reflects my business and life mission, vision, and values. Don't forget to consider how you can be a benefit to them as well. We always give more than we take!

  • Update: Make adjustments to #mytribe when the alignment of any members is inconsistent with my life mission, vision, and values.

Insight: The adding or dropping of a tribe member is not intended to remove anyone from your life unless the misalignment is severe. It is simply an intentional acknowledgment that where you are at in your business and personal life doesn’t make sense for a big investment. I call it #travelinglight. You pick up tribe members you need on your current journey and drop off others that don’t make sense. I can’t carry everyone with me all of the time. It has to be a mutually beneficial relationship in place.

DIY Style

Goal: Have a tribe in place that reflects your business and life mission, vision, and values.

  • Brainstorm: Spend some valuable time solo writing down what your business and life mission, vision, and values are. If you haven’t done this before, keep it simple and just do your values, those non-negotiable items that your tribe must exemplify.

  • Act: Make the list of those close to you. Cross out anyone not meeting your criteria. Yes, those people can stay in your life just in a different context. Anyone left is your #mytribe list.

Insight: Celebrate with those that you align with. Call them. Meet for happy hour or coffee. Let them know how you feel. Share that they matter to you in an intimate way for what you are looking to accomplish in business and life now.

Meditation Moment: 🧘‍♀️

Help surround me with the right people. Put these people in my path and put me into theirs. Help me find opportunities to contribute to their world.

Breathe in, breathe out. Start, end, or return to your day with a bit more purpose.

Can I get an AMEN?!? 🙌

Can't wait until our next rendezvous. Xoxo!

Warmest Blessings, Carli 💖

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