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The McVay Group

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"Dreams Crafted, Success Built."

Business Coaching for Entrepreneurial Spirits

Meet the Owners


Our team is led by Carli McVay (Castro), CPA, an experienced business consultant with over 25 years of client and project experience. She is passionate about learning with a PhD and Master's in Psychology, a Master's in Business Leadership, and an Undergraduate in Accountancy. Carli's background in business strategy, leadership development and change management helps her to ignite positive change through innovative approaches with all clients. We offer Leadership skills training courses as part of our services.

"Live your purpose." - Carli McVay

Tom McVay, a seasoned entrepreneur with over 30 years of building, growing and selling companies and related consulting services is passionate about developing new businesses globally. He has engaged with Global Leaders to bring underdeveloped countries and their resources to market. Through his experience in these various ventures, he enjoys mentoring and coaching entrepreneurs towards reaching their goals. We provide Strategic business development sessions and Career and leadership development events.

On a personal note, Tom & Carli were married in June 2023 and work as a collaborative, cohesive team on all client engagements. For Personalized Business Coaching and Business Consulting Services, The McVay Group is your trusted partner.

"Be the example." - Tom McVay
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