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Leap into a Good Book & Make Your Heart Smile

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Calling all wonderful souls! 

Welcome to my little corner of candid thoughts, sprinkled with a dash of humor and a pinch of controversy. This is a space where I share my fundamental beliefs, why they guide my life, and how you can join the journey! No frills, just real talk.


My Fundamental Belief:  "Leap into a good book & make your heart smile.” 📚💖


Tell me more:   Just in time for Leap Year, I finished my book of the month for February, “The Creative Act: A Way of Being”, by Rick Rubin.

This book explores the essence of creativity as a fundamental aspect of our existence as humans. Prior to picking up this book in a local bookstore over the holidays in Flagstaff, I literally had no idea who Rubin was. I simply gravitated to the simple title, cover visual, and glimpse of the what the book entailed.


🎨📘 Now, of course I know that Rubin is a renowned music producer. This book though is on another level. It delves into the transformative and spiritual dimensions of the creative process. The book invites readers to embrace creativity not just as a task but as an integral part of who we are. 🌟 Rubin's insights inspire a holistic approach to living creatively, making the book a guide for those seeking a deeper connection with their innate creative spirit. 🚀🎶I truly can’t say enough about the content of this book. If you seek creativity, if you are an artist of any kind, get this book!


Why? Outside of his sheer brilliance and inspirational writing style, Rubin has a formula for creativity. As a process guru, I’m totally on board with that. Essentially, he claims that creativity is organized into four stages: Gather, Experiment, Craft, and Complete. He then dissects those stages with tangible examples on how to execute them within your desired craft. Basically, I got really great information that I can actually use to boost my creative works.


The Big Idea: Leaping into a good book shapes your perspective in profound ways.


Carli Style:

Goal: Read one book a month. No excuses. More is great. Less is unexpectable.


  • Browse the Book Store: Yes this sounds so old school, but Barnes and Noble is one of my favorite stores. It allows me to choose a book based on a myriad of my personal interests and curiosities. I can move my preferences based on current passions or topics that align with my business and personal needs now.

  • Listen to My Tribe: The people that know me best tend to be great sources for recommendations on books that will add value to my life and keep my interest. This is yet another #mytribe hack!


DIY Style:

Goal: Discover the transformational power of books to aim, shape, and enrich your life in meaningful ways.


  • Reviews and Ratings: If you don’t know where to begin, check out one of the various websites that provides book reviews and ratings. Goodreads, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble (of course) are great places to start.

  • Sample Before You Buy: Read the opening pages or a sample chapter to get a vibe on the writing style and narrative. If the book resonates with you, buy it, if not, back to the shelf. #hack = Short on cash, embrace the power a our great libraries. This also allows limitless options to sample prior to check-out.


A quick reminder: There is no “perfect book” or one size fits all for everyone. Although I LOVED the Rubin book, you might find it “too much” or simply “irrelevant”. No hard feelings here. I’ll only be upset if you find one you love and don’t share it with me!


Meditation Moment: "Guide my book choices with wisdom, spark curiosity, lead me to meaningful recommendations, and let each read shape my mind and soul.”


Breathe in, breathe out. Start, end, or return to your day with a bit more purpose.

Can I get an AMEN?!?


Can't wait until our next rendezvous. Xoxo!


Warmest Blessings, Carli 💖

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