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"Giving Your Future Self A Gift is a Mindset to Embrace."

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Calling all wonderful souls!

Welcome to my little corner of candid thoughts, sprinkled with a dash of humor and a pinch of controversy. This is a space where I share my fundamental beliefs, why they guide my life, and how you can join the journey! No frills, just real talk.


My Fundamental Belief: "Giving your future self a gift is a mindset to embrace.” 🎁


Tell me more: Delving into the belief of gifting our future selves is an ode to self-love and resilience. Through personal experiences, I've witnessed the profound impact of treating ourselves with the same care and kindness we extend to others. Just as we generously gift joy and support to those around us, embracing this mindset empowers us to nurture our own well-being, fostering a transformative journey of self-discovery and fulfillment. 🌟💕🌟


The Big Idea: “Cultivate a mindset of gifting our future selves, transcending immediate desires for enduring fulfillment and purposeful living.”


Carli Style: 

Goal: Embrace the "giving your future self a gift" mindset by finding solace and empowerment in taking moments solely for self-nurturing.

Insight: As a dedicated journal enthusiast, my personal approach involves documenting every facet of life — from meticulous planning of months, weeks, and days to capturing creative sparks and profound insights. This intentional practice serves as a sanctuary for my thoughts, ideas, and even moments of spiritual reflection, crafting a roadmap for a future imbued with purpose and clarity. 📖💡


DIY Style: 

Goal: Embrace the “giving your future self a gift” mindset with a simple journaling ritual.

Insight: Set aside a dedicated time once a week to jot down thoughts, aspirations, and plans. Understand how important self-reflection is and how it can get you where you need to go. This is a new step towards intentional living and self-discovery. 🌱📝


Meditation Moment: As I embark on the journey of gifting my future self, may I be blessed with the strength to nurture my well-being and the wisdom to embrace moments of self-reflection. With gratitude, I trust that the intentions I set today will shape a future filled with love, purpose, and endless possibilities. 🙏✨"


Breathe in, breathe out. Start, end, or return to your day with a bit more purpose.

Can I get an Amen?!?


Can't wait until our next rendezvous. Xoxo! 


Warmest Blessings, Carli 💖 


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