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Start Your Own Collective

We encourage women to start their own collectives, and we offer support and guidance to help set them up. A few helpful hints:

  • Starting small is great. Even two entrepreneurs can be a collective. Personally, I believe in maxing out at twelve. 

  • Keeping it manageable is a must. Women are busy with careers, families, health, and more. Meet weekly, monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly. The important thing is to set a schedule and stick to it.

  • Always have a purpose. Develop a standard agenda that encourages sharing by every woman. May sure everyone always knows WHY they are there.

  • Take pride in the collective. This should be something of value to each entrepreneur. 

  • Share the love. Circulate who is responsible for the location, agenda, drinks, and snacks. 


Additionally, business coaching sessions are available for your Women Entrepreneurs Collective. As a collective, we can attend in person or virtually (pending time and location) to provide personalized guidance for the journey of all your women. The great news is that this is at a more affordable price, as you can all chip in, plus we simply want to create as many collectives as possible. Just reach out if you are interested!


Join us in building communities everywhere for women entrepreneurs to thrive together. Let's ignite success, one connection at a time.

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Women Entrepreneurs Collective

Here is some insight into how I build up women close to me. I started a Women Entrepreneurs Collective. Basically a dozen of the most fabulous women in my close circle that are successful, aspiring, or operational entrepreneurs. We meet one evening every other month (a minimum) to help each other grow our businesses and become the bad@$$ business owners we are meant to be!


Our Purpose:

This collective will serve as a supportive space where friendship, ambition, and business savvy converge to ignite success and foster growth.

Our collective will be a place where we can freely share insights, strategize together, and mastermind key concepts to propel our businesses forward. Whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur, an aspiring business owner, or simply dreaming of entrepreneurship in the future, you'll find unwavering support and encouragement here.

But beyond business, our collective is about nurturing genuine connections and uplifting each other in all aspects of life. We're here to celebrate victories, navigate challenges, and provide a shoulder to lean on when needed.

Yep! That's the story. #grateful #womenentrepreneurs

The McVay Group's passion for women, business ownership is here to help!

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